Since reflexology treats the whole person, not the symptoms of disease, most people benefit from treatment.  The therapy brings relief to a wide range of acute and chronic conditions, and is suitable for all ages.

This treatment is beneficial for circulation, digestion, and respiratory problems.   Sinus sufferers maintain that it offers instant relief from congestion.     It can also have a dramatic impact on stress levels as well as helping to restore hormonal imbalances.   Stress is now one of the biggest causes of health problems, so by reducing tension and improving blood and nerve supply, this alternative therapy can contribute to better overall health.

Once your body is in-tune, it is wise to have regular treatments in order to help maintain health and well-being.   An increasing number of people are using this safe, natural therapy as a way of relaxing, balancing and harmonising the body.

The Luxury Reflexology treatment has all the benefits of traditional Reflexology and includes the wonderfully soothing foot spa and exfoliation treatment.      This additional treatment is a complimentary therapy which works on the feet to help maintain the body’s natural balance.

Reflexology has been shown to be effective for:-
Back Pain / Migraine / Arthritis / Infertility / Sleep Disorders / Stress Related Conditions / Hormonal Imbalances & Digestive Disorders.


Additional Benefits Of Reflexology

The benefits of reflexology can have powerful healing affects as it allows your body to gain its proper balance and removes unhealthy blockages.   It can be beneficial for a wide variety of complaints from back pain, migraine to sleep disorders.   Some people who have had sports injuries believe that it helped them recover more quickly.   Arthritis sufferers have also found it has eased their pain.

 As well as combating stress, therapies such as this have also been found to improve self confidence and helping  with your ability to concentrate.   As it helps the body to naturally maintain its balance, this therapy helps prevent possible problems from emerging.   It aims to bring about greater unity of mind, body and spirit, as well as being an excellent form of relaxation.


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