Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is a complimentary therapy which has many benefits.  The treatment is not only on the head, but extends to include the face, neck, upper arms, ears and shoulders as they are the areas that accumulate high levels of stress and tension.

 Benefits Of Indian Head Massage

During treatment the cells are fully oxygenated, blood circulation is increased and stimulated.  The release of toxins from knotted muscles, reduced neck stiffness from stretching muscle tissue and increased supply of fresh oxygen to the brain and muscle tissue will leave you feeling re-energised.

 Additional benefits include:-

Improves scalp circulation to promote strong, healthy hair, Increased power of concentration and eye-sight through forehead massage, Massage of eyebrows relaxes and is beneficial not only to the eyes but to the nervous system.

Psychological benefits include:- Scalp massage releases anxiety, relief of mental and emotional fatigue, emotional release and increased ability and willingness to make decisions.


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