Hopi Ear Candles

Hopi Ear Candles 

Thermo Auricular Therapy is a pleasant and non invasive treatment of the ears.  A natural ear cleansing technique that is a safe and simple method of removing excess wax, infections and residuals of past ear infections.

 Benefits Of Hopi Ear Candles

The ear candle induces a revitalising heat upon the head and ears which soothes and relaxes.   Conditions which may benefit from ear candling:-

Excessive ear wax, Labyrinthitis, Vertigo, Ear-ache, Glue ear, Sinusitis, Colds, Hay fever, Sore Throat, Snoring, Head ache, Stress, Migraine, Neuralgia, Tinnitus, Bells palsy and Menieres disease

 After the treatment I also carry out a face and neck massage which enhances the action of the candles and increases the blood and lymph circulation.  The massage relaxes you, helps drain the sinuses and eliminates toxins.


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