If you suffer from diabetes the two key areas your doctor will check are your feet and your eyes.  Both need professional care – and many diabetics are unaware of the issues surrounding their foot health.

Diabetes is a very serious metabolic disorder where the body no longer produces insulin or can no longer make use of any insulin that is produced.  Once thought of as a mostly age related health problem, modern lifestyles and diet threaten to make diabetes a worry for us all. 

One of the symptoms of diabetes is Peripheral Neuropathy – which means that you can lose the feeling in your feet. The problem is that, if you have a loss of feeling there is a danger that you may damage the flesh surrounding your nails, whilst you are trimming and cutting them.  Because of the loss of sensation it’s easy for a nick or small cut to become infected and because of the impaired circulation; the white blood cells don’t reach the wound. This means that any infection can have serious outcomes.

If you are diabetic it’s sensible to have a professional to ensure your feet are in good shape.  As an experienanced Foot Health Professional, I am trained and insured to treat people with diabetes.

If you have any of these symptoms, please call for help and advice today.


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